Dark Chocolate

  • This is an intense dark chocolate which boasts a strong cocoa flavour with hints of black pepper and vanilla. Made with beans from the Tumaco region of Columbia, this intense chocolate is of a fine pedigree.
  • We start the preparation for this chocolate bar, days in advance! We zest the freshest of limes, spritz these in their own juices and leave to air dry. After hand tempering our 60% couverture, we sprinkle on the perfect amount of medium heat chilli flakes, topped off with the lime zest and …. Voila ….. The punchy lime hits your tastebuds first, closely followed by the deliciously complex dark chocolate. Lastly you will feel the heat of the chillies. You will not be disappointed by this!
  • A creamy, elegant chocolate indulgence. Dark and white Belgian chocolate – surrounding a solid cocoa body - are expertly panned in a copper drum, to bring a mirror shine to this delicate little treat.  You can’t stop at one!  For this, we apologise 😉
  • We hand pack a generous helping of our large 60% Columbian Couverture buttons. Our Dark chocolate is exotic, with a bittersweet flavour with soft acidic and fruity tones. Punchy enough to ensure a huge chocolate hit but delicate enough for those who like an air of subtlety to their choice of dark.
  • We hand temper small batches of dark, Columbian chocolate. Add a little splash of crunchy magic and flavour with pure peppermint oil. This is then hand rolled and broken into individual shards. The results are mouth wateringly good. Minty, dark and delicious, we guarantee complete satisfaction to your tastebuds.
  • Each Columbian Coffee bean is copper panned in devilishly dark chocolate equating to quite a punchy hit with each little mouthful. Smooth, dark and delicious. If coffee and chocolate are your favourite combination, this is definitely the treat for you!
  • This little bag of deliciousness is our #1 Best Seller! We just love making our small batches of delicious dark 60% chocolate, adding a generous amount of crystalised ginger pieces and watching them fly off the shelves, It has a loyal fanbase for a very good reason! It is simply outstanding (even if we do say so ourselves).
  • What a taste sensation we have created here! We have combined the warming spices of black pepper with candied orange, mixed expertly with our devilishly dark chocolate. We guarantee this will become your new favourite flavour!
  • Our exclusive combination has a very loyal following! It is Punchy, nutty, slightly sweetened by the cranberries and brought beautifully together with the pure orange oil. It is the perfect treat if you like a dark, complex chocolate hit.
  • 60% Columbian couverture chocolate is hand tempered and combined with tiny drops of pure rose oil, before being hand rolled and broken into individual shards.  This has become a firm favourite in our little Yorkshire village and regularly sells out!


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